"You do not merely want to be the best of the best.
You want to be considered the only one who does what you do."

-Jerry Garcia


We help already successful people become even better. These exceptionally capable and talented people go by many names yet possess one thing in common no matter the scope or scale of their ambition

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Ivars Ozolins, CEO


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We work with clients from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • CEO / CFO / CMO / COO / CTO
  • Country Business Manager
  • President
  • Founder/ Owner
  • Executive VP / Senior VP
  • Executive Director / Managing Director
  • Vice President / General Manager
  • Business Unit President
  • Head of Marketing & Research
  • Head of R&D
  • Program Director / Program Manager
  • Financial Broker / Financial Advisor
  • Brand Manager
  • Talent Agent / Partner
  • Celebrity / Professional Athlete

On topics that include:

Addressing leadership, team and personal challenges / Navigating the political chessboard / Building a team of A+ players / Moving through transitions of all kinds / Generating support and buy-in for your ideas and projects / Avoiding career pitfalls and derailment / Developing an innovation incubator / Winning the inner and outer games / Growing your identity into that which serves you / Harnessing mind, body and field intelligences / Increasing energy and vitality / Making a difference based on what you love doing, the talents you have and what the market needs



Leadership Coaching

Leaders make things happen. The best leaders make history. Your capacity to make history depends upon many factors, key among them your willingness and readiness to learn, grow and develop. Leadership coaching is an opportunity for you to go to higher ground and assess your current commitments and direction, envision a future worthy of your best attention and energy, illuminate a path toward what is most relevant and meaningful to you, and take consistent action. You’ll align the power of your mind and body, as well as your role and soul to foster a deep congruence between what you say and what you do. You’ll see feedback as a powerful ally in helping you achieve what you want. You’ll take action that is consistent with bringing your vision to life, incorporating daily and weekly actions and practices so you embody what you are committed to. You will be able to take new actions and produce better results for you and all those whom you have the privilege to serve. You’ll come to sense and perceive in new ways, enabling you to take new actions and produce better results in every arena of your life.

Teams & Organizations

High Performance Teams

Leadership is a collective process. In other words, most of what you get done as a leader, you get done with and through other people. Indeed, committed, accountable and skilled teams are the primary way most work gets done in organizations today. We will assess the performance of your team against the commitments and objectives your team has made. Then, we incorporate the necessary elements so that your team cultivates the high performance and accountability necessary to delivering on your commitments. You will come away with practices that you and your team can use on a daily basis, including brief practices to start your day (or meeting), tools to handle breakdowns should they occur, and conversational and physical practices to move the team forward as a unified collective body. You’ll be equipped to create the conditions for high performance to emerge, and the tactical roadmap to make it a reality.

Coaching for Energy and Vitality

Leaders today are tasked with doing more than ever before, with a brighter spotlight and greater pressure. Beyond your intellect and hard work, you may also benefit from training your physical, emotional and mental abilities to sustain you as you address the challenges and opportunities afforded you. How you show up in any given moment is a strong reflection of your neurobiological state. Many factors influence your state, including the physical environment you’re in, the relationships you have and the people around you, as well as your current habits around thinking, breathing, eating, drinking, moving and sleeping. Collectively these factors move you in the direction of greater energy and well being, or they don’t. My coaching provides you tools and practices to harness your best energy, focus it in the direction of what matters most to you, and embody the vitality and nourishing health you deserve. Imagine being focused and engaged, resilient and purposeful every day. Imagine possessing the energy, attention and focus to complete your mission. Imagine doing what you do, in a way that is healthy, life affirming and sustainable. It is possible. I’ll show you how.

Leadership Program Facilitation

We have facilitated many hundreds of advanced leadership development programs that address the needs of leaders at all levels of an organization. Over these years, we have heard thousands of leaders share both their challenges as well as their opportunities, their dreams as well as their dreads. We’ve responded with purposeful solutions that engage the wisdom and brilliance often found in groups and teams of people. We work with you to create programs that meet your needs. These programs can be delivered to intact teams, cross functional teams, as well as local and globally distributed teams. They can be in half-day, full day or multi-day format, and may include follow-on coaching as necessary. Popular topics include: The Leadership Challenge, Leading Organizational Change, Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, Building High Performance Teams, The Neuroleadership Academy, as well as programs oriented on somatics and mindfulness in life and leadership.


Ivars Ozolins, MBA

Ivars Ozolins is a leadership coach and behavioral consultant. He has spent over two decades researching, developing and coaching the practical application of high performance strategies to leaders in some of the world

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Ivars Ozolins, MBA

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